Using the 4-10 LTS ISO, installation error

Strangely, I kept getting a libgpg error on the std ISO during boot, so I went to the LTS alternate, that booted.
However, both in a live and a virtual environment the installer threw a python error:
Can’t initialize pyalpm. **** (skipped error dialog) at

I don’t want to be telling you how to make an ISO, but may I offer the following words of wisdom:

The first thing a prospective new user sees is the Live ISO/Installer they download. Please make it work. Spend all due time testing it internally before release. It only reflects badly if they encounter issues like these :wink:

You folks (from past encounters) are friendly, at least :wink: Please realize I’m trying to help and not just complaining.

Usually all our releases are tested. We may release a fix soon. I am sorry for the problems.

Hi. I was trying to test this distro for a review. But getting errors like below. Please do check. Thanks.

ISO file used: RebornOS-2022.04.10-x86_64.iso

Hi @arindam-giri

We are currently aware of the bug and will test and release a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience

I got exactly the same error leaving me quitting ISO and doing chroot installation of RebornOS

How’d you go about doing that? Boot from ISO, then do from cmd line? I mean I have installed Arch the Arch Way, but I wasn’t sure on missing their customizations by doing it that way (it did cross my mind).

Yes boot from ISO and did command line installation , yes the customization/cosmetics are missed but I guess you can fire for getting those