Can't boot into live usb

New user here, was looking to test drive Reborn but unable to get through boot sequence
hangs on…
wait until kernel time synchronized

Hey @trelane ! We have an unrelased new ISO if you would like to try that:

Thanks for the link, that one works, no issues booting up.

The same ISO is also now released on the website. Sorry for the trouble.

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Sorry I am quite a beginner, but interessted. Don´t really know whats importand for you guys.

Just had a flawless install xfce offline. update went well. didn´t reboot yet.A few attempts in virtual box didin´t work. Tipe in username and pw, while it was regrouping partition, was too much= freeze serveral times. 8GB, 40GB Space was maybe not enough. In the Virtual Box I had issues with Wishker…Abort.Once it stopped at Mirror update reflector problem. That was a online install. Than I used “Boxes” as VM. good install Mirror refesh went well.
Once after choosing LTS Kernel, Taskbar disapeared with the choose isntallation option.

In my other, stabil distro, I had a problem in FireOS, Budgie didn´t install. (Mutter). Ukui also didn´t install. GNOME I hated. ; On this partition I am now running the Beta from 17.8.

Thank you guys for your effort, there are people out there which enoy your products a lot.

@Crux899 The August 17 ISO is now released as the official release ISO, and is not beta anymore (after testing).

I apologize for the earlier issues with mirrors. Our mirror provider OSDN had problems. It was not synchronizing our new packages, which consequently left users with broken systems when those mirrors were used by pacman to download some packages.

Budgie had moved on from using mutter43 and uses the regular mutter (we fixed that in the new installer). You should now be able to install Budgie without any problems on the new ISO too.