[Workaround for Installer Error] Use this test ISO if you face Installer Issues

Dear users,

The installer had received an update to fix new issues that arose due to package changes in Arch Linux, but the current stable ISO does not seem to be compatible with the new installer update due to problems with conflicting dependencies and mismatch in versions.

Please use the test ISO below if your installer is not working. Since the distribution is a rolling release system, the installed system from the test ISO is just as good or better than any current stable installer release if the installation completes successfully.

Google Drive Link: rebornos_iso-2023.12.08-x86_64.iso - Google Drive

Geo Mirror Link: https://staging.cdn.soulharsh007.dev/RebornOS-ISO/rebornos_iso-2023.12.08-x86_64.iso

Another alternative link: https://labs.soulharsh007.dev/RebornOS-ISO/rebornos_iso-2023.12.08-x86_64.iso

Below are the checksums to verify the integrity of the downloaded ISO:

sha256sum rebornos_iso-2023.12.08-x86_64.iso


md5sum rebornos_iso-2023.12.08-x86_64.iso