Timeshift not working. Starts in "Live USB Mode" [Fix]

Dear RebornOS Community,

If you see that your timeshift always starts in the “Live USB Mode”, run the below command on a terminal:

yay -Sy aur/timeshift

This will update timeshift from the AUR, whose package recently received fixes from Git. timeshift should run correctly after this :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to @SoulHarsh and @damian101, this fix has been tested to work :relaxed:.

The reason for the problem is because the latest version of util-linux package, specifically the lsblk tool has had changes which break timeshift versions 20.11.1+3+g08d0e59-3 and below. This problem occurs if you have recently updated your system or if it is a new installation.

This manual intervention will no longer be required after RebornOS updates its repositories to include a newer version of timeshift from the AUR that has the fixes.

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