Issues with slow application launch and mouse

Hi everyone,
I’m fairly new to the Linux community, but I have used Ubuntu a decent amount, and I’m somewhat familiar with the Linux command line. RebornOS looked like a pretty nice beginner-friendly arch-based distro, so I decided to install it alongside windows to dual boot. I verified the ISO, flashed the ISO to a flash drive, and I was able to boot into the drive, create a partition for the OS, and follow the online install guide without any problems. I left the options mostly on the default. For desktops I just left it with the default (budgie), and under the advanced tab, I added vim and libre office, but I didn’t uncheck any of the default preselected packages.

The problems started when I rebooted into the install. When I logged in, the mouse wouldn’t start working for over a minute no matter what I did. Also, pretty much any application I start takes at least 30 seconds to appear, with no indication that it is loading or anything; this includes applications like the console, the calculator, which really shouldn’t take that long to launch even if your system is running on an old slow hard drive. The system image on the USB actually launched applications a lot faster than the installed version of the OS despite the fact that the USB drive is pretty old, and a lot slower than my SSD. also, when I try to run “upload-logs” I get “command not found” from bash. I was able to find and view the log file within the /var/log directory though.

I’m fairly new to linux, so I apologize if my issues are the result of something preventable, dumb, or obvious.

Hi @zac444 !

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:. Would you like to try launching one of those offending applications from the terminal (like firefox or chromium) and then sharing the outputs of commands

journalctl -xe --since '5 min ago' | nc 9999


sudo dmesg | nc 9999


Here’s the output:

I just discovered another interesting piece of info. I installed chromium after I installed the OS through a simple pacman -S, and it launches instantaneously, while firefox and others that were installed with the system take a long time to start.

Also share the journalctl output from above

Here’s the output for chromium

Do you want to try disabling Hardware acceleration? I would like to see the journalctl logs for Firefox too

The forum isn’t letting me post anymore links, it seems to think that I’m spamming advertisements, but the first reply with the termbin links is from when I launched firefox.

You can also share just the code at the end of the URL. It seems like the Firefox URL was of dmesg and maybe not journalctl

journalctl for firefox launch: wpev

The mouse still takes quite a while to start working after boot up. are there any log files you might need for that?
Edit: it turns out that the issues isn’t with the mouse itself, but with the front panel usb ports, it will recognize devices plugged into the rear mb panel just fine.

Also, I tried disabling hardware acceleration in UEFI, but it didn’t have an effect.

There is a known issue with xdg-desktop-portal-gnome, if you have version 44.1 you will experience all sorts of GTK applications slow to start. You can revert 43.1, there should still be a copy in /var/cache/pacman/pkg, if not you can just remove xdg-desktop-portal-gnome, it really only needed for applications that use flat-pak.

This is a known issue on all systems, not just RebornOS.