RebornOS - I found it

Hello everybody,

I’ve been using Arch Linux for about a year. During this time I tested some distros & installers with Arch and always found it exciting (Manjaro, Garuda, Zen-Installer, Anarchy). However, there were always things here and there that took the fun away from me. Either the distro was delivered with far too many packages, or the boot time was extremely long after install on SSD. I also managed to install ArchLinux via “the arch way”, but I didn’t manage all the subsequent configurations so that gnome works really well.

A few days ago I found something called RebornOS on An installer for everything, made with love for us and with us. That sounds good, of course, I thought and downloaded the ISO and copied it to the USB stick, but at the same time, due to the past with other Arch distros, I didn’t have too high expectations.

But this time everything seemed different: The boot process from the USB stick was already very fast, the installation program very understandable and the selection of options gigantic, although I only chose gnome & firefox. The installation was error-free and then I started RebornOS for the first time from my old Samsung SSD 840. I was/am absolutely positively surprised by everything:

Very fast boot time, absolutely stable, it is noticeably quick to use. The very best is also the ingenious selection and number of packages that gnome (RebornOS) installs. Not too many but not too few either. I only did two things manually: Removed the “discard” entry from fstab because my old Samsung SSD 840 is not suitable for online trimming (many reports on the Internet say that). The other thing is to switch off the man-db.timer (via mask command), because every time this “daily man-db regeneration” starts, it takes a long time, the SSD load is very high (for this action) and the CPU load as well. But this only affects my PC and has nothing to do with Arch/Reborn OS directly. :wink:

I would like to thank the developers of RebornOS for this great work! I’m not an expert and I know Gnome better than the command-line, but allow myself to say: RebornOS is the/my new perfection!

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


We appreciate what you have to say about RebornOS. Our intention is the same: to deliver a system that is easy to install and made with the effort and care that all of us here put into this distribution.

We try to offer everything that may be useful, in addition to having our own repository where you can find many other programs that may be useful for our users.

We welcome you, and we hope you enjoy RebornOS!

The RebormOS Team


Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile: and glad you’re enjoying the distro