Hi there fellow Reborn OS users

Just joined up with the forum. I am a Dutch guy in search of a new user-friendly Arch derivative. Reborn OS seems to fit the bill.


Hi @Ronald74 ! :relaxed:

Welcome to the Forum. Please feel free to discuss/ask anything. I must let you know that our biggest community is on Discord, followed by this Forum. We are a relatively small community, so you will see more of the RebornOS team and contributors helping users directly.

How did you start your Linux journey? And how did you learn about RebornOS?

I started my Linux journey back in 1998. It was Red Hat Linux 5.2. Dabbled with various distros till 2000, when I switched from Windows to Linux fulltime with SuSE Linux. Had a short stint with Mandrake, but moved to Ubuntu 4.04 pretty quickly. After Ubuntu I was a Manjaro user for a while. Great distro, but I am not comfortable with how the team often haphazardly handle things. So I went to distrowatch to see what wonderful distros based on Arch I might find. I landed on you guys. Hope to stick around, because I like what I see.


Hello @Ronald74! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m Panda the lead dev for RebornOS ARM. Welcome to the community we hope you will like it here. If you have any suggestions feel free to drop them in our discord or here!

Lots of love. :heart:

Hey and welcome! I also speak Dutch. I hope you enjoy your time in our community :smiley:

Maak er een mooie dag van :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello! I’m retired electronics tech from IL who has been an avid Linux user since about 2006. I think my first Linux install was Suse. Today I am a distro hopping junkie who enjoys learning new things. Looking forward to spending time here.


Welcome !! : - )
RebornOs is my long-time favorite,
I stopped distro hopping as I have 6 computers
I am steady with these distros -
RebornOs, my main computer,
Debian-Testing and Manjaro as my two other desktop PCs,
Sparky Linux, Garuda, Open-Mandriva on my 3 notebooks,
and RebornOs ( XFCE ) on my Pinephone …


Sparky brings me back I used it for the longest time. When I first got into Linux I’m actually glad they’re still around.

yes usually I try to avoid those kind of one-man distros, but sparky is exceptionally sophisticated
so I could not resist :slightly_smiling_face: