Reborn Installations

I need to mention this, because I am really impressed, how good RebornOs is
performing. All my installations went just fine.
Actually, both of my main computers have RebornOs installed, and by now looking back to
many months of fun working with RebornOs.
I do gaming, office, multimedia everything is working great.
Right now I have some minor GTK glitches on one of my computers, but most likely
I am the reason for having it. EDIT:
So current status: gave up KaOS, having now twice RebornOS
also got ParrotOS, Manjaro, and EOS.
Also, like to mention that I did long ago give up distro hopping
, just make
some slight changes from time to time.

Concluding this post, thanks to RebornOS devs for this nice work.


Thank you for the compliments :two_hearts:

oh yes, I think a feedback is also important if you are happy with something. :slight_smile: