Obtain the ISO from here


The download URL on our website now redirects to the updated ISO. Please check this announcement: Download links updated

You can read our old (now obsolete) announcement below:

Old Post

Dear users,
The ISO on the website is currently broken and we are facing technical issues in getting it updated. Please use the updated ISO from the links below instead:

~~CDN: https://cdn.soulharsh007.dev/RebornOS-ISO/rebornos_iso-2024.03.21-x86_64.iso
Google Drive: rebornos_iso-2024.03.21-x86_64.iso - Google Drive

#### Checksums:
SHA256: 3d3f5b501aefdba8c6b8787638e485f00385cb3cfb6e1160f500b32702ff0c50
MD5: df490dfed699775f7a95324533decfc7

Please don’t hesitate to create a post on the forum, or message on Discord if you have any questions!