Online installation fails

Hi all,

I Want to install rebornos with the online installer.
before I start I use the utilities and refresh the pacman mirrors.

The installation fails withfollowing screenshot.

Can anyone help?

Hi @Kryptophäe . The installer prompts you to upload the logs to a paste site.
Could you share the URL to the full logs?

The installer retries when mirrors fail, so it is possible that what is in the picture may not be the main cause of failure.

At my 5. Try I become an another error.

He Want to hang out my hdd and error :persevere:

I hope. It helps


Sure. I am checking the logs. Please avoid retrying the installation, because the installer already automatically retries 4-5 times before failing. So you would be wasting time. You did the right thing by posting here. I will try to diagnose this problem.

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

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@Kryptophäe Could you tell me what date is on the ISO name or at the starting screen of the installer? If you cannot find those, run the below command on the terminal and share the output:

pacman -Q | grep cala

There is some indication that the installer or ISO might be outdated and has an old package kalendar that no longer exists.

I downloaded a few days ago :see_no_evil:


This is the old installer. Because of Arch Linux’s package changes, I am afraid it won’t work correctly anymore. Did you download it from our website?

If you manage to upgrade all packages within the ISO (for this you need to be connected to the internet) by running

sudo pacman -Syyu calamares-configuration calamares-core

you may be able to do a successful installation, but this upgrade is only temporary for the ISO and the ISO will still have old packages if you boot into it again.

@Kryptophäe Can you also check that the Update toggle is on under Advanced options tab within the ISO Welcome app (the app that gives you the choice between Online and Offline)?

I downloadet it on 15. September

I download the latest one and hope it works :pray:

That’s the same ISO actual at the rebornos homepage

Could you please run and wait for the below to complete

sudo pacman -Syyu

on a terminal before clicking on Online/Offline?
It seems like the installer did not update on the ISO for you

I suggested the above command because I think our installer update is not being picked up correctly before the installer launch. Without the update, your KDE installation will fail.

I become following error :persevere:

@Kryptophäe This is fine. Please let it complete

The online installer don’t start after the update :persevere:

sudo online

@Kryptophäe Would you like to try a newly built unreleased ISO instead? It can be downloaded from here:

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Yes, I will do it :pray:

Thanks for your help

@Kryptophäe How did it go?