What's your favorite game to play?

What is your favorite
(1) Traditional game (non computer), and
(2) Computer game?

Mine are
(1) Traditional game: Chess
(2) Computer game: Rocket League

Err prob
Roller coaster tycoon 2 or more likely the community effort to keep it alive known as open rct 2

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X-Plane, i would like to point to X-Plane 11 : - ) flight sim, as having it on my desktop PC over STEAM
a quick and dirty round flight demo, the background music just came from listening to my mp3, so not from XPlane11)

done a sample xplane 11 screenrecording xpln download time est. 1 to 2 min

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1:Lol i sometimes play Uno with my gf’s family (flip version) and when I’m on vacation with my family we play Yatzy.

2:I don’t play as much anymore but i used to play a lot of TF2 back in the day. Lately it’s been more something like sea of thieves with friends or Valheim.