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Hey there, Reborn OS Community! :wave:

I’m a distrohopper from London, UK, always on the lookout for the Linux holy grail. My previous ride with Garuda Linux was as smooth as butter. But, you know how it goes, the wanderlust hit me again, and I turned to my trusty sidekick, ChatGPT, for guidance. Lo and behold, it led me to RebornOS, the elusive distro that even Wikipedia couldn’t pin down!

I’ve been having a blast exploring RebornOS on my second-hand 10 year old personal laptop having a CPU of Intel(R) Core™ i5-3230M (4) @ 3.2 GHz and a GPU of Intel 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller. I have been diving into different desktop environments like Xfce, LXDE, and KDE Plasma. Sure, the online installer threw a few curveballs my way, but what’s an adventure without a few bumps, right? :laughing:

Now, I can’t promise I’ll stay forever—I have a notorious reputation as a distrohopper. But I’m genuinely excited to join this vibrant community, share my experiences, and see where this rollercoaster ride takes us! :roller_coaster:

Cheers! :nerd_face:


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“RebornOS GNOME: The Unexpected Trap for a Distrohopper” :mouse_trap:
As a serial distrohopper, I stumbled upon RebornOS GNOME, and it sucked me in like a cozy cabin in the woods. Its sleek GNOME desktop and seamless workflow won me over instantly. The Activities Overview and extensions charmed me further, while the GNOME applications proved reliable companions. I found myself unable to escape its clutches, temporarily abandoning my distrohopping adventures. RebornOS GNOME may not be the final destination, but it’s a delightful detour worth taking. :white_flag:
Screenshot from 2023-06-25 17-21-38|690x387

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Welcome ! :slight_smile: I use RebornOs since quite a long time on my main machine, not planing to change.
On my other computers I have also quite a long time EndeavourOs, Arch,
Garuda and OpenMandriva and going to keep them … I roll with KDE BTW

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Hi and welcome to the community if you got any questions or recommendations we’d love to hear it :smiley: