I knew it ... Windows 11 trash : - )

a customer of mine accidentally installed Windows 11,
upon restart Windows 11 refused to continue without an
internet connection and without a Microsoft account,
anyway we did not want to keep the installation, but format it
and back to Windows 10. Just wanted to share this
experience, like Windows for me, was always secondary
to Linux, but now as being Windows 11 it ranges in my no go
list, just like MacOs.

Thanks to many special people out there we got
Linux to ease our ways !!



I wouldn’t expect much from a proprietary operating system :pensive:. Since Windows is mostly distributed through OEMs and institutional licenses, I doubt they care much about a minority of users who want control of their computer. I know a lot of people don’t care enough.

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absolutely, … :slight_smile: personally, I kept a version for flight sim gaming, but also there is X.Plane which runs perfectly on Linux, so 0,5 reasons to keep it, 999,5 to use Linux instead. It is not so much about hate, more about pointing to “keep your freedom, stick with Linux” story : - )