What is RebornOS's default desktop?

When it comes to installing Reborn OS how do I install the default desktop that I’ve been trying out and have already adjusted to my liking? I don’t care for the other desktops offered. Do I just choose Gnome?

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Hey and welcome to our forums :wave:
RebornOS has no default desktop but if you’re trying to install what you get when you boot the install disk just pick Gnome from the installer as that’s the desktop we have in the live session. If you have any other questions let me know :slight_smile:


I did install the gnome version but it doesn’t look anything like the desktop that one tries out when checking the OS out. The panel looks different and none of the panel settings I adjusted to my liking were saved. There’s no way to install the default desktop one gets on the usb stick? Why not? It would make things so much easier.

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The Live environment is just that a test environment that doesn’t save it’s setting once you install due to a technical limitation.

We also don’t preinstall the extensions on the live disk to the final install due to issues with Gnome updates breaking those as the install will always pull the latest versions from the web.

If you want the same panel you need to install and activate the Dash to panel extension in gnome extensions . Hope that answers all your questions


For me it is the beauty of the RebornOS - you get not bloated, almost clean but configured Arch Linux with installed desktop environment and minimal amount of packages. The ricing and installation of all other packages is up to You.
If You want more packages You can choose more options during installation.


We are working on optional theming out of the box. for people to choose during installations but it’s not ready at this point in time :wink:


Tbh I think you’ve done a great job so far. You’ve taken pure arch and just added useful features/guis and zero bloat. One of the nicest distros I’ve tried, I don’t like bagging on people’s hard work but some other distros have over themed and ruined things in my opinion


Thanks for letting me know. It seems like the desktops I installed (gnome & budgie) are both having issues. I wasn’t able to install Dash to Panel via the gnome desktop as it says the extension is incompatible for some reason and budgie is having all sorts of issues at the moment.

To just be able to install RebornOS as it is in a live session would make things way easier as everything works so well and is easy to adjust to one’s liking.

Perhaps in the future RebornOS could be developed to be installed on a Persistent Usb like Manjaro (another arch-based distro) can be? That would at least allow a live session to be saved.

“We found ALMA, which we modified to our needs. With it it is easy to create your personal persistent USB-images.”

Unfortunately, dash to panel will not work on any distribution that has been updated to the latest GNOME version as it is incompatible, and the developer of this extension has not updated it yet. It is not a GNOME problem.

The same happens with BUDGIE: it is a Solus development, which is based on GNOME 3.38, and is not yet compatible with GNOME 40. Again, this is not a RebornOS problem, but it is present in all Arch-derived distributions Linux, including Arch.

The latest version of the installer has dash to panel installed, because it is not built with GNOME 40. But the next version will not have it if this extension has not been updated by its developer at the time it is built.

We are working enthusiastically on this distribution, hoping that users will find a distribution that is enjoyable to use. And that’s how we try to do our best in this. It is true that there are many things that can be improved, and this is what continues to drive us.

I take this opportunity to send you a greeting, and wish you to take care of yourself in these days that we are living.

The RebornOS Team