We are about to remove the Pantheon installation from our installer

Does anyone use this desktop (which is a mix of Cinnamon with Pantheon applications)?
If someone uses it and thinks that it is useful to have this desktop available, we can review the decision to withdraw its installation.

The RebornOS Team

I myself do use if occasionally . Not to the extent of xfce and kde though

Thanks for your answer. Do you find it a useful desktop, despite being a mix?

I use kde all time but I think that is wonderful to have options.
RebornOS is a full distro, but I think it is hard create a distro with so many options.

But it is always welcome each improvement.

I tried one time to install pantheon on Reborn os and once the installation was done when I rebooted, I saw just cinnamon tweaked to seems like pantheon.
I don’t know but maybe that can wait for the new release of pantheon ?

Hi pantheon uses many patched libraries it rarely works on Arch and if it does it generally breaks within a few weeks, getting the actual pantheon to be consistent at this point in time is not something we can facilitate. If the situation ever improves we will post about it
and with this I mean the actual Pantheon desktop not a tweaked cinnamon

Ok anyway I now use gnome and I just see that it will have two new desktop environment so…
Thanks for you’re answer

your welcome :slight_smile: and yes coming soon most likely this week

Hi, i use budgie in my pc, but want to install pantheon in another one to replace elementaryos. Although your implementation runs on cinnamon, for me it would be a pity not to have available this option. It would be great to keep it someway, on cinnamon or on other. Thank you.

Currently, Pantheon is still present in our installer. Thanks for your comments.


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