We have changed pamac for bauh (for now)

Read the information on our website:

The RebornOS Team


Thats a quite huge difference.
Just re-installed RebornOS and wasn’t even able to install pamac because bauh isn’t able to check the dependencies.

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You cannot install pamac, because it is not possible to compile it. pamac is currently incompatible with Arch Linux, due to the new version of pacman. So if you try to compile pamac from AUR for example, it will give an error (not a dependency problem).
pamac is a development of Manjaro, and there they still use the old version of pacman. So if you want to use pamac, you will have to wait for the Manjaro developers to update it.

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pamac is broken and will not start in all Arch Linux distributions that are updated to pacman 6. The developers are not going to hurry to fix pamac, so we are left with using alternatives. If you downgrade pacman to versions earlier than 6, pamac does work. But you’ll lose parallel downloads (a new feature with pacman 6) along with it.

Thanks for implementing this fix. I tried to downgrade pacman but I get this error:

“error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing pacman (5.2.2-4) breaks dependency ‘pacman>=6.0.0’ required by packagekit”

I’m using KDE plasma. Does bauh notify users of package updates like pacman?

Thanks again.

for me it only works when I trigger an upgrade via Synchronize package databases or sudo pacman -Syy on the console, updates are displayed.
The software has settings in the config, but they have no effect on me.
using KDE too

There’s a temporary fix for pamac here


@sawdoctor Installing an older version of libalpm is the same as downgrading pacman/libalpm as specified in this article. You will lose the option of parallel downloads if you do so.

I know its not ideal, its just another option/temp fix. Once pamac gets updated it will automatically update (or it should)

Manjaro has pushed new pamac to unstable branch


I’ve had a quick look at it but it seems pretty broken besides pamac-all
I will update once we have a resolution for this issue

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pamac keeps giving errors, in addition to needing more extra files to be added to the system to “work”. We will notify everyone as soon as it works properly.