Pacman 6 released

Hello community Pacman 6 has is now in the Arch core repository
This update to Pacman brings a new feature parallel downloading speeding up install and update speed.

Issues with Pacman 6
if you update to pacman 6 Pamac will no longer function refer to this issue on pamacs gitlab

we currently have no estimated time on when this will be fixed if your using using pamac we recommend you temporary don’t update pacman until this issue is resolved you can do so by simple unchecking the pacman box in pamac when updating.


For the people who were too fast, like me, there are the following helps to work around the problem.
Use “sudo pacman -Syu” to bring the package management up to date, then you have yay in a current version “sudo pacman -S yay” or tkpacman “sudo pacman -S tkpacman” for people who like it graphically.
I hope that pamac will soon be available again.