Hello from Alabama, USA

Oh, man, I don’t have enough time to tell my story, even if you had time to read it.

I’m a tech junkie from the time my dad gave me a Timex/Sinclair 1000 in 1981. I got a summer job in 1983 (at 13) and bought a Commodore 64, then a C-128. Next came my first PC in 1992. I ran Windows from 3.1 up to 11, which I have on a gaming laptop (my only holdout from being pure Linux).

I got interested in Linux somewhere about the early 2000’s, but didn’t really try it out until I booted up Mint in 2012. It wasn’t good enough then to convince me to switch, but it stayed in the back of my mind. In 2019 I found myself with a couple old laptops, one of which I really loved typing on, but it was slow as molasses with Windows. I write historical fiction, and I love writing outside this time of year, so since 2019 I’ve been distro hopping, trying to find the ideal distro.

Up until a few months ago I was strictly Debian-based. Arch had always been too involved for me to mess with, but I discovered that there are a lot of new Arch descendants that are really making it easier to get into. When I decided I wanted rolling release to get away from that big version upgrade moment, I went all in.

I like Timeshift on BTRFS…it’s so much faster than RSYNC and it seems more compact. I like that Arch seems to get more performance out of my old tech than Debian does. I found RebornOS after I don’t know how many others, but even though Garuda is very impressive, it’s got a heavy feel that Reborn doesn’t.

So right now I’ve taken a couple big SSD’s and I’m putting separate installs of every desktop flavor of RebornOS I want to try on them as a multiboot setup. I’ve got KDE, XFCE, and right now MATE is installing. I’m also going to do Budgie and Cutefish, and maybe LXDE and LXQT. Jury’s out on the rest of them, but who knows.

I’ve got a feeling that the FIRE app could just install all of them on one installation, but I don’t know that for sure yet. I’m going to boot up tomorrow evening after work and play around with it.

Glad to be here and I hope I can make a contribution to the community.


Welcome :smile: installing all the desktops will definitely break something but feel free to try :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, I’m really good at breaking distros.:sweat_smile:

hey welcome, … and I dare to predict, you might end up keeping KDE-Plasma :wink:

I miss Alabama… Welcome!

For the last three years of hopping I’ve been focusing on distros that will work well on my least-common-denominator laptop, an Acer E11. Very low spec with an N2840 Celeron if I recall correctly, 2 threads. I still use it because it’s an excellent typing machine, at least for my hands. To that end I’ve stayed with XFCE on every distro I’ve tried, but I had installed Big Linux, which only ships with KDE, and let’s just say I’m looking at ways to keep it by turning off features until it reaches a point of good performance.

So, yeah, I get you there.

When I was young I wanted to move away because I thought other places had more to offer, but in living with myself over a half-century now, I’ve found that there really is no place like home. This place matches me and we get along well. In which area of 'Bama did you live?

We lived in Helena/Bessemer area, Silver Lakes subdivision for 5 years, loved it!

Yes, that’s a very nice area. Good to meet you!

I’m about 60 miles north of Birmingham. Have a great day!

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I lived in Bessemer back in 93. Spent most of my time in Huntsville.

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Like Cullman area? I lived there for a short bit.

I’ve got relatives in Cullman county, and I’ve always said that if I ever moved to an Alabama city it would be Cullman, but I’m westward in Walker.

Hi , I am also new and this is my first post my name is Rigoberto Deas, I am from Seattle.

Hi @RigobertoDeas :slightly_smiling_face:. Welcome to the Forum!