Reborn Fire missing in latest version

After watching this video I went to install it and was disappointed it did not include Reborn fire. I tried to install an older version of the one the guy is using in the video but it failed to install. A page came up saying I did not have the privileges? Why have they taken out Reborn Fire from Reborn Os ? and why would it not let me install the older one of the buttons that were blacked out?
The older version the one in the video is better than the latest one without Reborn Fire RebornOS - First Look and Installation (Clean Arch Distro) - YouTube

Hi Welcome to the forum, The old RebornOS Fire was removed due to its maintainer no longer being with us and due to lack of maintenance it was breaking things. We expect to release a new version this month so stay tuned for that :smiley:

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Hi, thanks very much for your quick reply to my question. I did think that picture of the statures was cool. :slightly_smiling_face: I look forward to seeing the new version. Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t wait for RebornOS Fire to be re-released.

I just switched to RebornOS and it’s running brilliantly so far. I’ve dabbled with many Arch based distros and RebornOS is the one that suits me the best. Love the project!


Hey please see our latest post RebornOS Fire Beta

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