New update with uninstallation of RebornOS FIRE

IMPORTANT: If you update RebornOS from the terminal, you may be presented with a message stating that rebornos-comic-graphic and rebornos-fire are in conflict. You will be asked if you want to remove rebornos-fire. Answer with “Y” for yes.

If you upgrade through pamac, the uninstallation of rebornos-fire will be automatic.

RebornOS FIRE is withdrawn due to different problems presented by the application. A substitute will be developed, about which we will keep you informed.

The RebornOS Team.


Ok. Thanks! And about pamac-aur? I can’t use since a last week… It’s in zoom mode and apply and cancel buttons are invisible.

I don’t have that problem on my computers. What screen resolution do you have? Because the pamac-aur format has changed a bit.

I take this opportunity to greet you!