Impossible to install any desktop with reborn fire

Each try installing any desktop closes reborn fire.
So no install possible

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Please start fire from a terminal using this command:

rebornos-fire --debug-renderer --debug

Then try installing desktop environment you want. When fire crashes again, you will see log files /tmp whose name starts with RebornOS Fire.
if possible can you attach that log file here?


Did what you said.
Nothing in /tmp starting with rebornos. …

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused due to this, but will be possible for you to copy and send last few lines of the logs displayed in the terminal when you attempt to install something and FIRE crashes?


I’m French so

I’m sure it’s linked to this

In terminal here’s what I’ve got.

Instruction non permise ( core dumped)

All I’ve got

And furthermore… Sorry to say that but
LOTS of things don’t work correctly

As an example


Tint2 settings for a panel. It takes a very long time to load…

Lxappearance gtk3 doesn’t work… Tested with lxappearance (classic one) ok

I gave up…

I’m sure you do a huge work and Thanks a lot for that.

I am really sorry for the issues you are experiencing, this issue has been reported to the development team and will be fixed soon.


To give more informations

I’m quite convinced that the issue is due to the processor.

Mine is N4100 quad core celeron.

The pb occurs in any virtual machine ( here virt manager and vmware)

Both in bios or uefi install.

I never encountered any issue in vm due to my hardware.

From your previous message, I can understand that you suspect the issue you are experiencing is because of your hardware. I’d like to know if you tested FIRE with any other processor? Also, I’d like to know your Desktop Environment for debugging purposes. Please let me know the processors which you tested FIRE and got errors on.


No. I didn’t test with another processor. But a colleague did with no issues.
I use arch gnome on my main machine with the processor I stated above in the previous message.

FIRE uses electron and therefore it can run on any 64Bit processor, I think the issue is related to your polkit agent, I’d suggest you try changing your polkit agent and see if you can reproduce the issue. I’ll try to reproduce the issue on my test machines by then.


Sorry but I’m not going to change my polkit on my machine… I never had any issues like that on any virtual machine with any other arch based distribution.
I suggest you try… I’m not a beta tester.
That’s not my job.
Best regards.

Further more.

Tested on bare metal with gnome archlinux.
Reborn os on vmware or virt manager with Intel i3

No pb.

The issue is NOT linked to gnome.


We have resolved the issue which caused RebornOS FIRE to not work on older machines, The fix is available in new version of RebornOS FIRE.


Pb solved… Partially.

example on picture

we can´t enter anything apparently
here’s gnome but can be any desktop needing a choice


Thanks for reporting this bug, a fix shall be available soon!

Head Developer - RebornOS FIRE