Installation fails

Error as per attached file when trying to install Reborn. I had chosen decrypted HDD.

Strange issue, have you tried formatting the disk before installation using Gparted?

Yes and i tried it with an other HDD as well. Both times same problem. Maybe it depends on the decrypted factor. However, i used Reborn in the past without this problem. Strangely, even with the releaase from 02.03. the same behaviour. I use systemd for UEFI install on HDD. Worked in the past like a charm with Reborn until now.

NEWS!!! Installiation works if i choose in the Installer Grub instead of Systemd boot (which i prefer). If you choose Systemd boot it fails with the pictured error. With Grub install all works fine. Thanks for the best LINUX out there! Since Antergos and you there is no better Linux distro on the “market”.

We are sorry for the problems you have had with the installer. We are working hard to try and provide our users with the best possible experience on an Arch Linux-based distribution.
We are also working on a new installer, but this is something that will still take a little longer.

I hope you continue to enjoy RebornOS!

Greetings from the RebornOS Team, and take care!

How to do it, Sir? I have the same problem here with my PC.

Hi @acikham

Could you please create a new thread more details?