Help on gnome freezing when changing wallpaper

Hi, I have been using Linux for quite a while and I hopped to reborn os from a vanilla arch installation recently. Currently, I have found that reborn os is much better then an arch installation but i have 1 problem. I have tried to change the wallpaper 2 ways, gnome tweaks and the normal way (right click, desktop background). Both ways have frozen my desktop and i cannot do anything but force power off. When powering on i get to the lockscreen fine, i login but then my system freezes again immediately. I have tried gnome classic, gnome xorg and gnome wayland, but none of them allow me to change wallpaper. Please help me. Thanks, Max

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Could you indicate some more information?
For example: the video card you use …
Another attempt would be to use the LTS kernel, in case your video card is incompatible with the latest kernel.

I hope you are well.

Yeah thanks for your help, I’m using a geforce 9400m GPU, I don’t know how to find my video card but if it helps I’m using a MacBook Pro from 2009
Just ask If you need more, and thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

From the other data you indicate, I assume that you use nouveau (the free nvidia driver) since you indicate that you have tried GNOME in Wayland (I imagine here that you have not installed the proprietary driver).
What I would recommend is that you test your installation under an LTS kernel, to see if the wallpaper selection works for you.


I have tested the LTS kernel but sadly nothing different. I click on the wallpaper it changes the wallpaper to white and I am frozen. It might also be worth mentioning this completely breaks the system and the easiest way to fix is to reinstall
Thanks, max

Do you use the proprietary video driver, or do you only use nouveau?..

When the computer freezes, check if you can enter the tty using Ctrl Alt F2 or Ctrl Alt Fn F2. Then login and run the below commands to upload logs since the current boot to a paste website which you can send for any of us to look at:

journalctl -b > my_logs.txt
sudo pacman -S --needed pastebinit
pastebinit -i my_logs.txt -b

This won’t fix the problem, but it’ll give an idea of what went wrong.

I have not installed any drivers so i suppose i only use nouveau. But here is something interesting, while reinstalling reborn os on the live usb, i felt risky and changed wallpapers. this didn’t crash my system so i don’t know what you make of that. Because of this, i think it is a driver problem because reborn on live has nvidia drivers(because of the app, nvidia x server settings).

Anyway, I will try this thanks for your help

Ok I will do this if the driver change does not work. Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply, but I just want to confirm what helped me change my wallpaper without the freeze.

I installed the nvidia-340xx-dkms package and rebooted, then I could change my wallpapers, however if you need different nvidia drivers install them not the 340xx ones. Thanks for the help guys and I hope if you are reading you managed fix the problem with the solution that worked for me.

Have a great day and thanks moderators for your help

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