From Ohio, U.S.A., helo! I'm Ernie!

Since this is supposed to introduce me, I’ll start with how I got here. After reading about RebornOS on Its FOSS, I decided to give it a try, and I like it a lot! After installation, I installed the rEFInd bootloader, and set Reborn up to support Secure Boot (using shim). The AUR repository has all the packages needed for that, as well as the device driver for my Wi-Fi6 USB adapter, the OneDrive client I prefer, and the MEGAsync desktop app, (both of which I use for online/offsite file storage). Everything works as expected (something I can’t say for all distributions). So far, Reborn provides everything I want from an OS, and I couldn’t be happier!

I’m a bit of an experimenter, and I love the Open Source (FOSS) philosophy. Additionally, I assemble all my desktop PCs from components (assembling isn’t building), and if I could afford it, I’d assemble my laptops from components, too. I’m platform-agnostic, and I multi-boot Windows 11 with Solus Linux, and now RebornOS which may become my distribution of choice if it continues to perform as well as it does now, after using it for a few months. I’m a widower and a senior citizen, in my mid-seventies, and I’ve used computers since the time of MS-DOS 3.1, and GNU/Linux (off and on) since the late 1990s.

Politically, I use the goose/gander theory (What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander). In other words, if I’m entitled to a right, everyone else should have that right too, Furthermore, I believe that we all deserve respect, so I start from that position until I’m shown it’s not deserved, at which point, I distance myself. With that said, I try to never abuse others, even when I think they’re abusing me. Two wrongs never make a right, and they never improve any situation. If nations fol;lowed these principals, there’d never be any need for war.

I’ll get off my soap-box now, and bring this to an end. I hope I’ve introduced myself adequately,



hi Ernie :bangbang:
nice to see you

Your text and your views largely reflect what I’m thinking :100:
I’m 70+ too and also don’t really understand the disrespect that exists in the world today :unamused:

let’s say it like John Lennon - “give peace a chance” and “imagine….”

have a good time and enjoy the system and the community

greetings from Europe/Germany

welcome Ernie!, … at least here in the forum, I experienced a very friendly community.

I have used RebornOs for quite some years now as my main system and had very few issues.

One of the many positives of RebornOs is, that here you find every software one can imagine included in

the main repos, as for myself I even did not have to use AUR yet.

Thank you for your observation, and I get that you haven’t needed to access the AUR yet. That’s a good thing. The only reason I used the AUR is that the rtl8852BU driver for my Wi-Fi6 USB3 adapter, the OneDrive client, and the MEGAsync desktop app that I use are not normally found in most distribution’s repositories, including in those from RebornOS, but I found them in the AUR.

Until I end up dropping Windows altogether, I’ll keep using the OneDrive client for GNU/Linux. It lets me manage the files I have on OneDrive, at least for now. I do now, and will continue using MEGA’s MEGAsync desktop app to synchronize selected files, and backup my user space to the cloud. The driver for my Wi-Fi6 USB adapter should be self-explanatory. The built-in adapter for my desktop PC supports up to 802.11ac, while my Wi-Fi6 USB3 adapter gives me noticeably faster Internet connections. I don’t use the AUR for any reason other than that it supplies me with software I want and need, and that I can’t get elsewhere.


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Welcome @ernie :slight_smile:

It is fascinating that you were an MS-DOS user at a point in time. Although I am younger, I did get a bit of time with MS-DOS as part of Windows 95 (since Windows releases were not based on the NT kernel at that time).

You will find help here and also in the friendly communities of other Arch-based sister distributions if you ever need it. You are still welcome here if you use another Arch-Linux based distribution. I would like to clarify that RebornOS does not do any performance-related tweaks on top of Arch Linux, but includes fixes for common issues that plague Arch, like black screen on boot for Nvidia GPUs, and fixes for incomplete and missing Arch Linux offerings, like absent backgrounds and UI elements for desktops that are offered in Arch Linux. Also, the online installer is a convenient way to quickly install Arch Linux without any desktop branding. I personally run RebornOS as my main OS and have been doing so for several years. I used to have a Windows dual-boot but I got rid of that too quite a while ago.

I am just curious, which desktop environment did you pick? (if you picked a desktop instead of a bare Window Manager) :smile:. And, are you bracing yourself for the upcoming daylight savings clock change?

I prefer KDE Plasma. It’s very familiar (I’m still using Windows 11 - until I see what they do with the next version [12?]). I use a local account on Windows because it lets me avoid copilot (I don’t want anything to do with AI because I’m losing trust with Microsoft - leaving soapbox now :smile: ). The fact is, I prefer the KDE DE over the Windows 11 UI.

There’s not much bracing for me to do. I’m retired, so when I get sleepy, I go to bed, and when I wake up, I get up for the day. I usually reset the two clocks in my house that don’t adjust automatically twice yearly, but that’s about all the time change means to me. Well, that’s not quite true. When the clock jumps ahead an hour in the Spring, it also means there’s warmer weather coming, too :smile:.



I also started with MS-Dos driven Comodore PC20 - and I was so proud,
… booted from those Floppy-Disk … how the world changed since then ! :grinning:

me too I have only on one of my 5 PCs running Windows 10, just because
of the game named DCS, which is very coool, otherwise I would have abandoned
Windows long ago :slight_smile: