Beta Online Installer

I’m happy to have successfully performed an install and tried a few desktops in Reborn Fire.
I did have one niggling thing that seemed to turn up (could be user error and not waiting long enough). When I started the installation, it seemed to default to English (which being an English speaker, I like), however it didn’t seem like I could advance until I opened the language dialogue. Feature? or Bug? or User error?

Hi @dbarronoss ,

Were you able to reproduce that error? We did not face that problem during testing, and we would like to know if this is recurring in your case

I didn’t try…but I could do so later today. Stay tuned.

Confirmed, just a wait for it issue and an impatient person.

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So, I guess there isn’t a problem :slight_smile: . Can this thread be closed then?

Yep, sorry to be impatient :slight_smile: We want it yesterday, right ? Gotta remember my USB flash drive isn’t that fast.

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No problem at all. I am just glad you’re testing out the ISO and installer :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi works fine for me, but we missing lvm now.

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I will check what can be done about LVM. I will close this thread because the original poster mentioned that there was no issue.