We have a version of pamac-aur compiled in our repository

We have compiled version 10.1.3-1 of pamac-aur. Now it depends on the libpamac-aur library (based on libalpm), necessary for the operation of pamac. There is only pamac-aur in our repository (we have removed pamac-aur-snap), which can use AUR, flapak, or snap interchangeably, and depending on what is configured. Therefore, you can test it.

If you don’t want to have bauh installed while testing it, uninstall it:

sudo pacman -Rdd bauh

At the moment, we continue with bauh installed by default.

The RebornOS Team


Anyone known issues with pamac-all?

I do not know if there is a problem with pamac-all, since we do not use it. Here we have pamac-aur, which offers the same functionalities (it has flatpak and snap support enabled).

Greetings and take care.

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No panac-aur does not, nor has it ever supported snap or flatpak hence why pamac-all was created.

The version of pamac-aur in RebornOS has flatpak and snap enabled. You just have to try it.


Why in the world would you recreate something that’s already there with pamac-all and it’s systray companion?

A little more information:

pamac-aur always had flatpak and snap support (it could be activated or deactivated according to whoever compiled it). Currently, it depends on the build of libpamac-aur. pamac-all requires libpamac (everything from AUR). So if you use pamac-aur, you will need libpamac-aur from our repository, since we have it with both supports enabled. And if you use pamac-all, you will need libpamac from AUR.

We did not recreate anything, these options were always present.



Other data: if you want to use pamac-all in KDE, you will have to modify its compilation as indicated in AUR:

"FredBezies commented on 2021-06-10 14:25
KDE users: do not build directly this package if you want to use AUR (en) - pamac-tray-icon-plasma

You will have to modify the PKBGUILD and modify ENABLE_APPINDICATOR=1 by ENABLE_APPINDICATOR=0 or there will be a conflict between this package and the tray indicator one."


Yea if one wants to use pamac-all they need to use pamac-tray, other wise if one tries to install pamac-tray-icon-plasma it will want to uninstall pamac-all and install pamac-aur. Thanks for the info about the additional file(s) needed to have flatpak and snap support in pamac-aur.