Rk3588s, don't upgrade

This has repeated, rk3588s (opi5), live boot OK
Update/upgrade has error at end, mkinitrd, ?fails to make link? not surprising on vfat
Reboot complains about new-root, can’t find PARTUUID 614e0000-0000, emergency shell
Said shell has not loaded usbhid, so no keyboard, ssh does not work
Ripped apart initrd, (zip,cpio) don’t see where problem is
I suppose before update I could change boot part to ext (& edit fstab), that probably would work
Life is too short 2-3hrs is all I can waste
— also nowhere is shown default password, good thing rebornos user has sudo with no password
----and more–And I can’t even chroot into it because
“unsupported feature(s): FEATURE_C12 FEATURE_R1”…refers to ext4 fs, so not mountable
–and–the fs browser can mount, so I did all the chroot stuff, and got same results, I guess I should have passed the -r parameter,noone else would go thru this, maybe you should fix