Please no calamares installer

I’ve tried quite a few distros, all with the Calamares installer. It’s just terrible.
I use RebornOS precisely because of cnchi. For me, cnchi is by far the best way to get Linux on the SSD.
If you switch to calamares I wouldn’t use RebornOS anymore.

i never saw problems with Calamares, and also came along with cnchi.
The only Problem with chnchi was, it crashed at start sometimes, and lately also
would only start the installer after setting up network connection manually
over settings manager.

Hi and thanks for your input. Can you tell us about the issues you’ve had with Calamares ?
We of course didn’t take this decision lightly and it seems the best course of action for the following reasons:

Cnchi is unmaintainable and has been on live support for years it never had any documentation. Relies on extremely old libraries and we lack the time and resources to rewrite an entire installer to be maintainable again.

Picking Calamares was the next best option for us. Plans include some rewrites of the UI and logic.
It’s well supported, has many contributors and even has paid contributors working on it.

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So on the one hand it was nowhere possible for me to select systemd-boot.
Then I find the solution with partitioning also very complicated.
Both are perfect at cnchi.

By default it delivers grub however in pretty much all distributions that use it you can simply in the file bootloader.conf make it use systemd boot or sb-shim

I am. Aware someone proposed a toggle switch in the installer before to pick these and will look into it as a possible option we can deliver.