Plasma Live ISO with Calamares

I am quite new here, and not sure if I am breaking some rules by proposing
plasma live ISOs and Clamares…I think that would ease up the installation
process for newbie Linux users?

The Calamares installer for RebornOS is being worked on.

Perhaps when we put together the ISO building script, we can either have KDE Plasma as an option with official ISO releases or as community releases if maintenance takes away too much time.


thanks for the explanation,
I am not yet prepared to fully understand those technical processes,
involved with building the ISOs but maybe sometime later, I am
constantly learning :slight_smile:

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Moved to feedback. But yeah Calamares is in the works

Even though you deleted your comment. We are aware of the public view point of Cnchi. While cnchi is a great installer our reason to switch was not due to the public perception. But from a maintaining point of view as Cnchi is incredibly hard to maintain, improve and alter.

ah coool, thx for the info,
as I said it is easy for me to state some comments, but you do the whole work, so
maybe I have to back up with fast comments : - )
I saw lately a review about ReborOs on YT done by Tylers Tech. Was very positive
RebornOS | Installation and First Impressions - YouTube. I had to confirm.

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That was a year ago. We’ve released new stuff in that time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I think that would be the best for all. Calamares has been used for more than 60% of the linux installers and cnchi has many matters and errors many times.

Actually the installer 2021.10.18 is not working to choice disks and the live iso is not opening with NVIDIA option selected on start.

Rebornos is wonderful and need continue to be…

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