I just can't get along with calamares. :(

I just hate the new installer.
No systemd boot, everything very unmanageable.
Just a disaster (for me).
If this is the future of RebornOS then it is without me. :frowning:
And I have a 4k monitor. After starting the iso, everything is so small that you can hardly see anything.


@HeinzDo Apart from systemd boot (which we will evaluate and consider), could you list out any issues you have with the new installer? Calamares is highly configurable and new features can be added.

I find calamares very confusing in everything.
Whether it’s the selection of the software or the area where partitioning is concerned.
When it comes to software, the possibilities are overwhelming.
Less would be more for me.
In addition, everything is tiny after starting the iso (4k monitor). Even with glasses I can hardly see anything.

Sorry you feel that way. Perhaps in the future we may consider a separate simplified version where the netinstall module (the Advanced page) is replaced with the packagechooser module. I will check what I can do for the larger screens

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I can’t say calamares is perfect (it isn’t), but it seems to be what almost everyone has gone with as their installer…so that probably means it’s not the worst either (imo). Choices, choices.
I suppose we could all go back to the cmd line arch installation process? :slight_smile:

Today I pulled the new ISO onto a USB stick and tried to install RebornOS.
And I failed.
After starting the USB stick, everything was tiny. I was able to do that by setting the scaling to 2x.
But Calamares didn’t care: everything was tiny.
When it came to choosing the software, I stumbled.
I want to install RebornOS with KDE Plasma. But when I was making my choice, I didn’t know what to choose anymore.
Then the tab with the partitioning. I have an nvme and an ssd.
The system should be on the nvme and the music on the SSD.
I couldn’t manage it somehow.
This Calamares installer just sucks for me.
That was probably it with me and Linux.
It’s a shame, with cnchi it was always child’s play for me to install RebornOS.

In addition, it is not possible to select systemd-boot. I last used Grub 6 or 7 years ago. Another point against Calamares.

@HeinzDo I am sorry your experience has been bad. I have written a guide here for users that have difficulty using Calamares: https://rebornos.discourse.group/t/guide-online-installation-an-introduction-to-the-calamares-based-rebornos-iso-and-installer . If the installer fails, run upload-logs on the terminal

@CookieSource or @Pandaa/@Rippanda12 can help you with the partitioning screen on Discord. I will be available the day after tomorrow.

Cnchi required us to downgrade all packages on the ISO just so that the installer could run. There was simply no way we could continue using it without compromising everything.

I still request you to stay on the Forum and on Discord even if you choose to use another distro. We should be able to try fix all of your issues, including scaling.

I managed to install RebornOS yesterday. A friend helped me with this.
But Grub… Sorry, but I can’t handle that at all.
Why can’t you select systemd-boot during the installation?
And the choice of software to install confuses more than it helps.
Less would be more.
I can scale the live system to 2x. No problem.
But Calamares doesn’t care. Calamares stays at 1x. I almost have to use a magnifying glass on my 4k monitor to be able to see something.

I was very pleased with the installer, in special because I can profile the installation,
it also should be no problem to change the resolution to HD for the short time
during install

I am aware scaling is an issue in Calamares and we are looking for a solution to that problem as far as boot options go, Calamares can also use Systemd-boot and we have some plans to offer that as an option in the future.

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Then I guess I’ll have to wait.
Because with the current installer it doesn’t make any sense to me.
I will continue to monitor this and hope that I can then (hopefully soon) install RebornOS with systemd-boot again.