[Release] New ISO and Installer

Hey everyone,

We just released a new ISO. With this new ISO, the installer is now out of beta and in a stable state!

Download the latest version

Changes in this release:


  1. Installations with encryption boot successfully now.
  2. In the advanced (netinstall) page, big categories (or groups) which are not meant to be selected in whole, can now no longer be selected through a single click. This avoids users unknowingly selecting a group like “Kernels”, or “Graphics”, thereby unintentionally installing lots of packages that are not meant to be all installed together.
  3. The keyboard layout page now displays keys correctly.
  4. Fixes to automatically include necessary kernel modules in your installation.
  5. The Calamares installer is updated to be in sync with the upstream, bringing in the latest features and fixes.

Welcome App:

  1. The ISO’s Welcome app is now able to fetch both stable and unstable(git) installer (from whenever the RebornOS repo maintainer built it last). The app automatically uninstalls and installs the required packages to avoid package conflicts.
  2. If you are an advanced user, you may turn on the “Git Version” switch to use the unstable version of the installer.
    Note: The “Update” switch still decides whether to use local packages or download from the RebornOS repo.
  3. Fixes to URLs and Logos within the Links page.

Live Medium / ISO:

  1. The live medium will now be able to open or extract archive files (.zip, ,7z, .gz, .xz, etc.).
  2. The ISO is updated to be in sync with the upstream, bringing in the latest features and fixes

What’s next?

  • Add automatic driver support
  • Calamares UI rework
  • ZFS support
  • More window managers

Known issues

Some fonts are missing

Did you know we also have an ARM release? Check it out here!