[Open] Dual-boot testings with another Arch failed

Sorry to say guys, but it seems dual-boot of Reborn OS with another Arch distribution seems unstable.
As my chat with @shivanandvp , on Discord brought up, this dual-boot is never been tested, instead of Windows and Reborn. Started a post in the Issues & Assistance section, but without a result so far.

My testings so far included RebornOS Budgie as base installation on a switchable SSD. I never tested anything other than Arch so far, so dual-boot with non-Arch Linux may be unharmed.

I added one after the other Manjaro, ArcoLinux Deepin, RebornOS Gnome. In all circumstances, I was not able to pick the other dual-boot distribution from Grub, as it only produced black screen without a prompt or error notice. Dual-boot with Manjaro also brought the issue to not load Grub every other day and served me with an error dos-prompt about 'no proper OS availible. Repairing the Grub only worked for a single day and even combined efforts with @shivanandvp didn’t bring any other outcome, so we rated Manjaro to be highly incompatible. The only issue-free start was with ArcoLinux Deepin (unstable itself), but it produced me a second Grub or Efi option, which I was able to choose over BIOS [F8], which is quite weird to show up this way. Going the [F8] way, I was able to boot both distributions error free as first entry from their own Grub.

It seems, that RebornOS may have a basic issue when it comes to dual-boot setup with another Arch distribution. I’ve read something similar somewhere in the Manjaro forums, but am not sure about. Probably it is the Grub scripts that cause this, but that’s only a private idea without any other background then testing with Grub customizer.

Hopefully this post may get someone from the team’s attention, as @shivanandvp asked me to do a post here.
My own level is beginner/intermediate, so I better ask you to contact @shivandandvp or you have to point out in detail which informations you need for a better view on the issue. However, it may be possible that I erase the current dual-boot testbed soon to try another setup.

I wrote an indication to you in this forum post, which may be of some use to you:


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The Arch Linux Dual boot with Manjaro has not yielded better results, due to the changes made by Manjaro on Grub.

In this post (quite old by the way) you can read something about it:

Several sites talk about the use of rEFInd to carry out these installations. You can read about how to use rEFInd here:


I hope it can be of use to you.


You know, the redit site is 99% pranking the OP?

If you would have written about refind only a single line, it would probably have been more helpful. Thx anyway for trying to support, but is ‘bug’ section of the forum ment to be used to report bugs to the devs instead of discussing about? Better switch over to my forum request instead.

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The key in here is, that I’m requesting Reborn devs at this bug-report forum about not-testing dual-boot of their system with another Arch distribution. Reborn dual-boot installs a non-existant Windows EFI entry, which is quite weird. All signs point toward a Grub2 bug in their code, as they still use Antergos routines. You may check this with Grub customizer.

So? Openly said, I don’t have a clue, how to exchange Grub2 in a broken surrounding with refind. I used refind with another distribution, but there I was questioned during installation which one I prefer. It was already on the live ISO. I can find refind in Arch repositories, but I don’t know how to bring them into a broken system. For my taste, that should be the duty of the developers. Just my point of view, no offence.

So far I can say after several testings that any dual-boot with 2+ Arch distributions leads into a Grub fail. The second would no longer be bootable from Grub. However, the installation is still there and you could start it other way.

I am using a triple boot with 2 Arch installation and the grub is not failing. Make sure you install your second arch without a bootloader, then update/fix the grub with both installations mounted.

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