Nvidia drivers/hybrid graphics

I’ve been running Reborn on my spare/testing machine for a few weeks and really happy with it. I want to install it on my main pc a msi gs72 6qe with hybrid intel/nvidia graphics. My nvidia card is compatible with the latest 460 drivers so is it just a case of installing rebornos with free drivers then installing nvidia 460 drivers, nvidia utils and nvidia prime from the repos? Or is there more to it than that? I’m comfortable using prime-run to launch my games or launching through lutris with prime render offload just want to make sure prime is setup correctly

Unfortunately I am not a user of any NVIDIA product. What I can recommend is that you use the Arch linux Wiki to try to install PRIME and NVIDIA.

I advise you to install RebornOS with the free drivers, and then follow the Wiki. I leave you the links:



Maybe some other user uses NVIDIA and has some other option to direct you.

I hope you find it useful.

A big hello, and take care.

Hi @sawdoctor :smile:! You are right. One of the methods is to use nvidia-prime's prime-run. I have tried bumblebee and optimus-manager packages, and they too get the job done. The specific location in ArchWiki for the standard documentation on using Integrated graphics with NVIDIA is here: NVIDIA Optimus - ArchWiki. If you run into problems, a faster way to reach the RebornOS community is through the official Discord server: RebornOS. Have a great day!

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