New installers available: RebornOS-2021.10.18-x86_64.iso and RebornOSLT-2021.10.18-x86_64.iso

These installers have the peculiarity that it is not necessary to download a new version of it when cnchi is updated, since it is downloaded directly from our repository each time the ISO is executed.


  1. The version of Pantheon offered by RebornOS (which was based on Cinnamon) is no longer supported, and has been removed (The cosmic file corresponding to this desktop has also been removed, so any attempt to install this desktop if you are using an older version of the installer will fail).

  2. Two new desktops have been added: Cutefish and Regolith.

  3. os-release is updated so that snap works correctly.

NOTE: If when running the installer the user must activate their internet connection, the installer will not run, as it will not load automatically. Then, once the internet connection is activated, you must execute, from the terminal, the following:


In this way, the processes that must be carried out automatically when the ISO is executed (which require an active internet connection) will be carried out without problems, and I enter the things that the ISO must do initially, in addition, cnchi will be loaded.

Access our download page to get the links. To do this, click here.