New installers available: RebornOS-2021.05.02-x86_64.iso and RebornOS-LTS-2021.05.02-x86_64.iso

RebornOS offers two new installers:

RebornOS-2021.05.02-x86_64.iso and RebornOS-LTS-2021.05.02-x86_64.iso

This version includes an automatic update of the installer mirrors, and of the online status detector. If at any time RebornOS modifies its mirrors, the installer will update them automatically (as does the online status detector). For this option to work, when the installer starts, you just have to close it, and reopen it.

Support for Realtek RTL8821CE has been added as one more option to select from the list offered by the installer. In addition, MEGASync has been included among the options offered.

RebornOS-2021.05.02-x86_64.iso offers Kernel 5.11.16 and GNOME 40.0.0.

RebornOS-LTS-2021.05.02-x86_64.iso offers Kernel LTS and GNOME 40.0.0

You can get the new installers from our download page.