Microsoft seeks to close the purchase of Discord during the month of April

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At the beginning of this week we advanced the assumption that Discord, the popular voice chat platform, would be looking for a possible buyer, highlighting the strong offer proposed by Microsoft. However, a new report shared by The Wall Street Journal, affirms that both companies would not only be already in a conversation process for a possible acquisition, but that the Redmond giant would be aiming to close the purchase during the next month.

If the deal goes through, it will be Microsoft’s biggest acquisition since the 2016 LinkedIn purchase or the high-profile GitHub acquisition, or the attempt to take over the popular social network TikTok. Although we cannot ignore the most recent focus of the company towards the video game sector, with the latest acquisition of ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda, and the hard blow that this has caused for Sony.

And it is that everything indicates that with this purchase, Microsoft could be considering the acquisition of Discord for its implementation within its ecosystem, expanding the offer of software and services, with a very interesting opportunity that could happen by adding the premium service of Discord Nitro to your Xbox Game Pass offer.

Although it is worth mentioning that although Discord began and remains a communication platform aimed at bringing players closer to each other, today it has become a meeting point for many communities within and outside the sector, being one of the most easy from which to speak by voice, share videos, text and any type of document.

In fact, Discord has seen massive growth lately with the company’s valuation rising to $ 7 billion after the last funding round in December, currently boasting more than 250 million registered users, and numbers as high as 140 million. monthly active users.

Which translated into revenue figures, only in 2020 Discord would have generated a total of 130 million dollars, with a notable growth compared to the almost 45 million it achieved in 2019, and that we will possibly see even more increased in 2021.