Switching Discord server and looking back to 2020

Open Message To the RebornOS Community:

As some of you may have noticed, Over the past month in addition to rapid (and welcome) growth, We have also gone through some internal changes. As some of our long term users might have noticed our former distribution leader Keegan has been absent for a great while due to personal problems. What this has meant for our project overall is that we’ve spent the last few months recovering access to various accounts.

Some of these changes have been more obvious than others, Like the website being moved to FossHost which greatly increases speed and reliability, and our Forums being moved to Discourse which is more modern and should accommodate our users better. As a team we’re accelerating all the time and once all these changes have been made, We’re certain we can keep momentum going through 2021 and beyond

Fenix is still in active development, the ARM installer is being updated, the RebornOS team has opened up recruitment, and we continue to attract and welcome new users from across the globe.

Lastly we’ve tried to gain control of Discord but to no avail so we’re moving to a new Discord server, While the current one will be set to read-only. The new server has the same design as the current one so it should feel very familiar to our users we hope to you see in our new server

Your RebornOS team