Lots of issues ! Sorry

I decided to test a lot of distro and to make a final decision what linux to keep !! your distro seems to be one of the best but this just from first look after installing came up lots of bugs !!! I tough this is going to be a distro for beginners in Linux not a test disto for bugs ??? lots of build in tools don’t work properly (screen), network its horrible i can’t work properly with my network storage’s !!managed to connect my nas but keepass app don’t see network at all (no such issue in other tested distro) !! I’m disappointed …

@mariusZZ51 I myself use this distro as my main operating system. When it seems like the network is not working, there can be multiple things to do to check what the issue might be. Are you able to access websites on your browser? Are you able to do a speed test on your browser? What is the output when you run inxi -N on a terminal? What message do you finally see after running sudo refresh-mirrors?

Could you provide more information on other bugs that you mentioned?

1-yes full internet
2-yes 37/10 Mbps my real speed
3-Device-1: Intel I211 Gigabit Network driver: igb
3-Refresh of both RebornOS and Arch Linux mirrors completed successfully!

with all do respect my friend I believe u using it but u are TOP level user in linux this is something you have to take in consideration when a distro is being described as for new beginners !! im trying from 2003 to learn linux and couldn’t succeed (too much time necessary to learn it) so maybe all these description is for new software engineers !!?? ))) but i know definitely there is NO any distro for beginners !!
U see I have to come here on forum to fix something this is already a problem !! just after installing the system !! I hope one day we will have a stable linux !! and no no even Mint is different !! …

Hi @mariusZZ51 ,

I am here to help you and also to figure out what the problem is, so that we fix it. Would you be able to re-check whatever you were trying on the screenshot now that mirrors are refreshed?

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yes but later !! ill be back with results …

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sorry my friend same error and i can’t update the system (fail to sync… database error )… your system looks ok but too many small thing must be fixed which i don’t have in other distro …

I have to contradict here, I am using RebornOs since years with very little issues, and also I consider
the support to be one of the best around


Hi mariusZZ51. Just wanted to add my two cents. I have tried several other distros in the past with varying degrees of success. Some worked out of the box. Some did not. I’m not talking about obscure distros. I’m talking “popular” distros like MX-Linux, Manjaro and Solus. I’m not technical enough to understand why they did not work on my laptops. Maybe it was user-error, but for whatever reason they wouldn’t install or froze after installation. That said, I recently installed RebornOS (KDE) on my laptop and everything worked like a charm for me. Maybe I got lucky. I hope you find your lucky Linux distro soon.

my friend I do not debate this here at all !! i’m happy that someone has time and knowledge to do this !1 really appreciate this !! my problem is that a lot of this distro are advertised as very user friendly and not only that but stable as well… so after my Mint collapsed after just an upgrade I decided to go deep in tests!! i have already installed 17 of them to test and to see which one is really user friendly and stable … and trust me I couldn’t find one yet … but I can compare some of them and RebornOS unfortunately didn’t perform as good as the other Arch distro … so I hope this team will improve the product but in my case for the first time fail to install, then after a week tried again and managed to install but then run in another problems !! but Arcolinux for example I did so many things and so far its still live, and this is the reason I raised question…

Point taken. The terms “very user-friendly” and “stable” are thrown around a bit too freely by distro developers. And I too hope the RebornOS team will continuously improve the product. Fortunately RebornOS (with KDE) has been user-friendly for me. It installed easily and thus far is working flawlessly. As far as Arch-based distros go, many years ago I tried and struggled with ArcoLinux, Artix, and Bluestar Linux. Manjaro was the first Arch-based distro that worked well out of the box. I used it for over 5 years before discovering RebornOS. Again, I don’t know why some distros work and some don’t. I think everyone just has to test drive a few until they find the one that fits their system.


I agree with your last sentence !! and in my case stable i mean mostly for installing and do the work not constantly getting in errors or problems and fix them for hours !! I guess this is the Linux life !! but hey then don’t confuse people with different fancy words but tbh probably there is no another way to make linux popular … anyway nothing is perfect in this world … you have to do by yourself the perfect OS … OH!! Wait but this what actual linux is !!! … ahhhh I’m going to play some games !! Enough philosophy !

This screen is saying that the donwload task are too slow nad therefore failing.
I tested that tool (fire) and it worked just fine for me, it may be a network problem.
I’n Fire at the upper right corner (settings) , it shows the servers its using, in my case those servers are:

Using a terminal try the ping command as follows:

ping paste.rebornos.org

ping bin.byreqz.de

The result of those commands should give us some idea of what’s wrong.