Issues with dependencies at updating system with pamac

Hi all,
When i try to update my system since last weekend, pamac gives me the message:

'dependencias en conflicto:

  • tlp y power-profiles-daemon están en conflicto’

Can you give me some support about it.

Thanks and regards

Hi @lorenzobc :slightly_smiling_face:,

tlp recently conflicts with power-profiles-daemon. You can only have one or the other. Check this: tlp-rdw and power-profiles-daemon are in conflict / Pacman & Package Upgrade Issues / Arch Linux Forums

You can remove one of those and install the other. For example

sudo pacman -Rdd tlp # Since it is part of the cosmic package

sudo pacman -S power-profiles-daemon

ok, thanks, i will read that info

one more thing: is it possible that since i have this problem with tlp+power-profile-dameon, my mouse (wireless) were getting intermittent hangs?? It frequently hangs a few seconds and then it continues working normally until it hangs again…

i mean, is there relation between both issues??

Honestly, I am not sure. I would look at logs to determine what’s going on with the mouse

It looks like tlp or power-profiles are disabling usb ports - see if you are using balanced or power saving profiles, @lorenzobc

Hi, finally it must be the mouse battery :sweat_smile:. Since I changed it it didn’t fail again! :person_facepalming:

About conflict between tlp and ppd, i still didn’t resolve it. The link shivanandp gave me does not clear much to me. The main doubt i still have is about compatibility or dependencies with budgie, that is the DE I use, as it branches from gnome. I think that it will be better to uninstall tlp and rely on ppd, but i’m not sure at all.

Regards and thank you

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I did change from TLP to PPD and I also use cpufreq extension, since I use Gnome. And I didn’t see any difference, my cpu frequency is always the same, on charge or battey, always 1.9 GHz, the max for my i3

Yeah. Uninstall any one of them. The Arch Linux package maintainers decided they should not be used together

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