Is there any way to switch from arcolinux to rebornOS

on one of my computers, I would like to switch from Arco to rebornOS,
because I do not want to make a whole new install again :sweat_smile:
, is there any way? Answers to this are greatly appreciated.

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Hi & welcome back :smiley:
it’s technically possible but a full switch would be extremely difficult since we don’t know what configurations are different on Arco. That said a good start would be to add our repository. You can follow our wiki on how to do that How to add the RebornOS repository - RebornOS Wiki - RebornOS - OSDN

We also got packages which will install tools and such we have but I can’t be certain if they’ll conflict so I’d recommend installing the tools you want separately.

If you have any other questions let me know

Thank you for the link, I will proceed with that :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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…exhausting work: had to install reborn apps, update, modify the pacman.d hooks, os info files and links, edit and rename some svg files… hours later … :sweat_smile: look at this,

pacman -Syu
:: Synchronizing package databases...
 Reborn-OS is up to date

done :slight_smile:



the system is transformed to RebornOs grub boot is showing
now RebornOs and Kinfocenter also :slight_smile:

Last remark: now i will stick with RebornOs, EOS, ParrotOS, Debian Testing
and Manjaro, permanently, each of them assigned to one of my 5 computers.
No more distro hopping :slight_smile:


Impressive collection :slightly_smiling_face:

is looking nice glad that it worked out

EDIT: CORRECTING MYSELF: editing and renaming SVG-files would not have been necessary.
And BTW I changed my productive system to be RebornOs : - )


Very nice, I’m curious what made you decide to switch? If you don’t mind me asking

I appreciate the work RebornOs has put into the system, as this system has an overall very comfortable enviroment with a wide variety of choices. I like it a lot. There is no clogging with AUR packages or packagekit or flatpak, i can choose freely :slight_smile: The freedom of choice is it - that is why I think RebornOs and Plasma are the perfect couple,

a short explanation:
I was not talking about ArcoLinux vs. RebornOs but EOS vs. RebornOs, I also made a short excursion
trying out Arco, and it was a really great distribution. Just the forum was not as good, and
by the way I only could choose british english, that was a bit funny ; - ) anyhow it is not just about
distributions it is also about conversation., so to close this monologue, in the end for me RebornOs won over EOS by a tiny bit :slight_smile:



All the distros you listed have their audience and cater to their needs. EndeavourOS markets itself as terminal centric and ArcoLinux is for those who want to learn Arch Linux at different levels. I presume that some forums and groups will expect a certain level of skill at using Linux.

RebornOS wants to be beginner friendly and GUI friendly. We have no branding on our desktops. We provide (of course free for everyone :slight_smile:) live assistance on Discord and this is where most of our users are. We are developing optional GUI applications to help users: RebornOS FIRE, RebornOS Welcome, one-click mirror refresh, and a rescue application (planned). We’re also exploring using the Calamares installer for supporting less common storage and filesystem setups.