RebornOS Welcome can do even more!

Dear RebornOS Community,

If you have checked out the RebornOS Welcome Application lately, you would have seen a new page labeled ‘Utilities’ that you can switch to from the bottom-left of the window.

This page can install and launch (fully optional) utilities for various administrative tasks within the operating system. In other words, when you launch these utilities from the welcome application, they will only be installed when you confirm that you want to. It’s a bloat-free collection of handy, popular tools. Not only is there a colorful console that can be popped up from below to keep tabs on what’s going on, one can also take a look at detailed logs from within the “About” window.

Oh. And did I forget to mention that the latest version (0.0.15) brings down the install size from more than 10MB to just about 0.66MB? :tada::relaxed:


Precious! Well work! Thank you.

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