I just can't get along with calamares. :(

@HeinzDo I am sorry your experience has been bad. I have written a guide here for users that have difficulty using Calamares: https://rebornos.discourse.group/t/guide-online-installation-an-introduction-to-the-calamares-based-rebornos-iso-and-installer . If the installer fails, run upload-logs on the terminal

@CookieSource or @Pandaa/@Rippanda12 can help you with the partitioning screen on Discord. I will be available the day after tomorrow.

Cnchi required us to downgrade all packages on the ISO just so that the installer could run. There was simply no way we could continue using it without compromising everything.

I still request you to stay on the Forum and on Discord even if you choose to use another distro. We should be able to try fix all of your issues, including scaling.