Hello all of u ?.! (15)

Hi Ladies&gents…
just to say hi from West France (FR-fr utf8)
I’m kind of distro hopper with some Linux experience, about 35 years & counting AND learning.
I’m using Reborn maybe for the name (!), maybe because its Arch- derivative & i must say i dont really apreciate their big big egg-head… :sunglasses:, infos are very very expensive on their forum
As a French i used Mageia, Deb11 even Garuda (very good), Solus…
Bare metal most of the time, VM are not for me.
I just hope i will not have to bother u to much !
Best & take good care


I don’t think I really understand much of this are you using a translator ? :thinking:
also welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Please excuse my very poor English, & u’re right…I should use a translator !
But i appriciate u’re welcome !
Oh i guess u didnt miss that much, i was just saying hello…


Welcome at Reborn!
I use DeepL Translator for my german to english most. Have a nice time with Reborn.

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Many thanks…
“I use DeepL Translator for my german to english most”
I know it but seldom use it !!!

Hi all, so back to Mageia8 !
I must say i’m a bit fed up with updates…
I have to andle another Arch-based system !
Yet i know its Arch’ way !
Bleeding edge.
Best & i guess i’ll be back soon :rofl:

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Have fun!

We are there when you want to use Arch Linux again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Many thanks & lets say i know my “bad” distro hopper habbits…
Mageia is a very good distro i think…
Bit “old” fashion maybe…KDE works well !
But not that many updates !
And i’m running Bluestar also, so…
Please dont delete my account !
Guess i’ll be back soon :innocent:
Best & take care