Adding a virtual keyboard

May I request the implementation of a virtual keyboard from the login screen to be added in a future update perhaps? I don’t know about others, but I would find this feature to be a great help. I installed RebornOS w/ Cinnamon desktop a few days ago and absolutely love it. Has been perfectly stable and quickly responds to anything I’m doing. Excellent work. The need of a login screen virtual keyboard is the only single problem for me. Thank you for considering this request and stay well.

Access to the desktop through a virtual keyboard on desktops that access with lightDM will be added in a new version of our installer.

We are pleased to know that you love RebornOS. We hope you continue to enjoy this distribution.

As you will see, your request has been accepted.

Te RebornOS Team

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Thank you! It needs an access button to bring it up at the login screen. Have a great day. Your response has made mine this morning.

Only press F3 and the keyboard open.

My laptop folds the physical keyboard back behind the screen. While in that configuration, the physical keyboard does not have any button function at all. No F3, or any others. I have to disconnect the power and usb cables, flip the keyboard around to use it just to login, and then flip keyboard behind the screen to set it all back up again in a very limited space that requires me to use it in this configuration. That is why a virtual button to access the virtual keyboard on login would be greatly helpful. I wouldn’t have to break down cables and everything. Edit: Sunday Jan 24th The virtual keyboard has been added and accessible in the drop down. Thank you to the developer team. Saves me a lot of trouble to get logged in. None of the suggestions listed didn’t work for me for some reason.

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