The next version of Plasma will take transparencies to a new level

Original note from: MuyLinux
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KDE Plasma 5.21 has not been released for a long time and we are already talking about its next version, but this is how the software works: development never stops and when it does, a bad sign. However, it is Friday, we have to relax a little for the weekend as best as possible and watch out for the “adaptive transparencies” that we echo, because they are nothing more than a candy that, yes, for a long time than expected.

It has been expected for a long time in a figurative sense, and as has just been pointed out, “adaptive transparencies” are a treat - an element of eyecandy that was said before - with which to give a touch of light to the desktop. In short, the thing is about transparencies and although in Plasma you just have to change the subject to enjoy them, there is part of the problem: there are very good themes for the desktop, but for those who prefer to stay with the default ones, this novelty will you will like it.

Thus, with the release of KDE Plasma 5.22, a new configuration option will be added to the panel, which are actually three, and which will allow applying different degrees of opacity to it: from total opacity -the one of the theme being used- to translucency , through an adaptive intermediate approach that responds to the behavior of the windows, that is, the panel will be translucent except when there is a maximized window, at which point it will become opaque.

This feature - the first of its kind to be implemented directly on the panel - is nothing original. In fact, we have already seen it on desktops such as Ubuntu or elementary OS, as recalled in the demonstration video that you can see below. It’s not even groundbreaking in the KDE environment, as Latte Dock users will well know. But adding this feature to the ordinary panel is at least noteworthy.

Furthermore, this feature does not come alone: “adaptive transparencies” can also be applied to the Plasma theme being used by adding a simple line in its configuration (presumably this will be done by those responsible for each theme) so that widgets make use of it. To test it properly, we will have to wait for the release of KDE Plasma 5.22, scheduled for early June. Meanwhile, the following video shows the novelty in action.