Say Hi to our new Welcome Application!

Dear RebornOS Community,

We are excited to introduce to you… Our new Welcome application :tada:! This finally fills the void left by the former welcome application that used to greet users, and later ceased being functional :face_with_monocle:.

The Welcome Application brings together all the useful resources that you may need, pertaining to RebornOS, and Arch Linux in general. You will find direct links to the website, the RebornOS Wiki, a status page to check if any of our pages are down, the channels to reach out to our community for support when you need it, ways to engage with our community online through social media, and some ways to get involved with the development of RebornOS itself. Since RebornOS is an open source project, and we are just a bunch of volunteers developing for it in our free time, we appreciate every bit of love and involvement from our community of users. The welcome application will be installed by default starting from the next update.

Boring/Fun fact: The W in the logo stands for “Welcome” :smile:

If you are a veteran RebornOS user and you don’t like the idea of a pesky new welcome application messing with your workflow :thinking:, don’t fret! We have you covered. You can do one of the below:

  1. You can uncheck “Show at startup” to prevent it from appearing at boot.
  2. If you choose so, you may also uninstall it completely, by running
    sudo pacman -Rdd rebornos-welcome.

If you have any questions, or just want to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you :pray:!


Hi! Welcome Rebornos-Welcome!

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Hi @littlejhonnesme :slight_smile: . Welcome to the RebornOS Community!

Great app… However, when I alter the scaling factor (gnome desktop via tweak) the welcome app doesn’t scale properly, the inner content gets larger but the outer box stays the same size. And there doesn’t appear to be a way to resize it.

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Hi @BoilingPointUK ! Thanks for reporting. We are testing fixes for that in version 0.0.16 :slightly_smiling_face: . It will be released soon. Thanks for using the application :relaxed:. For your reference, here is the changelog of what is being tested:

Version 0.0.16
1) Windows are made resizeable: It took time to do this because I had used image overlays for a hacky way to set colored backgrounds. They only worked for fixed sizes. I finally learnt the basics of how to use CSS to decorate Gtk widgets and made them look almost the same as how they had when I used image overlays. This part took me a while to get right, with manual adjustments to widget sizes and layouts until they looked "correct".
2) Scrollbars appear for vertical scrolling: When widgets overflow due to font scaling, vertical scrollbars appear automatically.
3) The color shades have been changed a bit to look better in various different dark and light themes
4) The container sizes have been adjusted to look good in various different themes
5) The "About" Window has undergone an overhaul with margins, alignments, background color, and a changelog button!
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Great job keep up the good work.

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@BoilingPointUK Version 0.0.18 has been released already and will be synced across all mirrors. It is probably available to update right now.

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