New installers available

RebornOS-2021.03.13-x86_64.iso and RebornOS-LTS-2021.03.14-x86_64.iso are available now.

Support for Realtek RTL8821CE has been added.

What version of the installer should I use?
There are two versions of the RebornOS installer:

(1).- RebornOS-2021.03.13-x86_64.iso

(2).- RebornOS-LTS-2021.03.14-x86_64.iso

The installer from point (1) is the official version of RebornOS.

The installer from point (2) is the same version, but with an LTS kernel; It is the version that has been made for use by users who have a problem with the official installer with a driver present in the kernel, since the LTS versions are updated by the hardware manufacturers.

To obtain the download links, access our website:

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