KDE Installation fails


leaving the installation at an unfinished state:

Hello @ycom1

Could you share the logs? You can run upload-logs on a terminal to get a URL or you can get it directly from the installer when it fails.

@fail I clicked to upload logs to internet

It would share a URL that you can paste here. It uploads to a paste site which is common across everyone using Calamares. It does not upload to RebornOS :slight_smile:

It does not contain any sensitive information like passwords

or telegram ___________

Sure. Whatever you are comfortable with.

have sent it ____________ : - )

It seems like kalendar no longer exists. You can replace it with merkuro. It is a part of KDE applications : Arch Linux - kde-applications (x86_64) - Group Details

  1. Run the below command on the ISO in a terminal:
sudo sed -i 's/kalendar/merkuro/g' /etc/calamares/modules/packagechooser_DE.conf
  1. Then turn off the Update toggle-switch in the ISO Welcome app which launches the installer.

  2. Launch the Online or Offline installer by clicking on the button. This time it should run successfully.

EDIT: Prefixed with sudo

I try, thanks : - ) …

“packagechooser_DE” ? I do not take german @ install, I take usually american english @ install …

I did not understand. Can you share a screenshot?

DE means Desktop Environment here :slight_smile:

ah OK :-))) _____________

I’m a bit ashamed, I could have red the install log myself most probably,
but THANKS to your intervention everything went fine after this preset.

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This was a new problem. This was not in the install log. We’ll release an update soon that the installer will automatically pull, if connected to the internet.

Until then, the workaround should help those who are stuck

coooool, very fine then, THX :slight_smile: