Installation fails on VirtualBox

Hi, I’m trying to install RebornOS on VirtualBox, but the installation process fails.

Here is the output of sudo

Please help

Hi @Sutek ! Welcome to the forums.

Sorry to know that the installation is not working.
Could you please post the output of cnchi on a different platform? The link you posted is not valid.
You could either paste it here as preformatted code (look for the </> icon while typing a reply, or just use Ctrl+Shift+C with your output text selected) or use something like hastebin. If you would like a quicker response, you may also join our Discord server.

Here you are on Google Drive, the output is too large to post it here: cnchi-start.txt - Google Drive

Hi @Sutek.

  1. What was the first line where write fails started in the log? Was that the whole output? Is there anything in the log file before that? Will also be able to better help you if we know where the write errors started.
  2. Also, when Cnchi asks if you want a temporary storage space for packages, did you choose yes? It is worth trying with that. I don’t remember the exact words on the screen.

It would be interesting to know what configuration you have in VirtualBox. The error that is displayed is related to the space available to perform the installation.
RebornOS installs smoothly in VirtualBox. We would like to be able to help you. Perhaps you can tell us a little more information, such as the amount of memory your system has, the free storage capacity you have …

I take this opportunity to greet you and wish you have a good day!

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Strange thing, I decided to give RebornOS a try and installed it on an ancient notebook. Installation went smooth without any issues.