How to use pamac?

You can use pamac from its graphical interface, or from the terminal.

Read the document on our Wiki:

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Hello Rafael and members of RebornOs!

Can someone give me a tip on how to change the installation code “pkgbuilds” of software on the aur directly on the terminal? I have always done it on pamac-aur, but I have a problem with this software. It is too big on the screen. The apply and cancel buttons are gone.

In the settings file it appears here below, and even changing it goes back to normal. I mean, after closing and opening the pamac-aur it goes back to that.

width = 872
software_mode = false
maximized = false
height = 1615

Any help is welcome!

Hi! How are you?

If you want to install something from the AUR from the terminal, you can do it using yay, or you can follow the existing guide on the Arch Linux Wiki:

Remember that pamac-aur can be used from the terminal, as indicated in our Wiki.

I hope some of these options are useful for you.

Using AUR from terminal: A brief summary would be that you first clone the AUR software that you want to install (Read Acquire build files in the Arch Wiki, at the above link).
Then, inside the folder of this software, you execute makepkg. Normally, if something is missing, it will ask you to install it (some missing dependency, for example).
Not always everything that exists in AUR works correctly (remember this).
After running makepkg, you will get a file with the extension .pkg.tar.zst
To install this, you must run from the terminal:

sudo pacman -U <name_of_file>.pkg.tar.zst

I hope you are well! Take care in these days that we have had to live! And thank you for staying with us!

The RebornOS Team